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SAUH Charcoal your partners charcoal supplier in Indonesia

SAUH Charcoal is the best product that design to fulfill customer needs. We are the specialist of Wood Cahrcoal, we selected best wood to produce high quality charcoal.

Sauh Charcoal Products

Palm Kernel Shell
Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal
Arabica Wood Charcoal
Tamarind Wood Charcoal
Rubber Wood Charcoal 1
Rubber Wood Charcoal
Halaban Wood Charcoal 3
Halaban Wood Charcoal
White Charcoal
ft Mixed wood charcoal 2
Mixed Wood Charcoal

Why Choose SAUH Charcoal

sauh charcoal products
100% Organic Material

There is no chemical addition. Out product was 100% purely from organic material

Global Standard

We commit to provide only high quality product. Product that sent to customer already pass our quality product check & Material inspection.

On time delivery

We serve 100% prompt delivery & commit to schedule and agreement with customer

Social Responsibility

Balanced the process with saving environment, Supporting Indonesia workers to get better life