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White Charcoal

Product Description :

Binchotan white charcoal is a type of white charcoal with a fairly unique processing process and can produce heat up to 1200 degrees Celsius. In addition, this white charcoal have dense density and a fairly hard texture.

Making the white charcoal is by scorching the wood with a relatively low temperature for some time, then towards to the end of the process, the combustion temperature will be increased by about 1000 degrees Celsius to make red and hot wood.

Binchotan white charcoal has several advantages as below: It has a low water content of <10%, a high calorie content of >7000 cal/gram, a high carbon content of >85%, so it is very good when used as a fuel such as roasting and smelting metals.

It has very many pores, which means that this charcoal has a high absorption capacity for very good chemical substances so that it can be used to help remove odors and filter water.

General :

  • Made in :


  • Brand :

    Sauh Charcoal (PT.SAUH PERKASA ABADI)

  • Status :


Material contents :

  • Ash:


  • Moisture:


  • Volatil Matter:


  • Fix Carbon:


  • Calorific:

    7426.74 cal/g