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Tamarind Wood Charcoal

Product Description :

Tamarind wood is wood from tamarind trees that can grow big and tall with branching trunks. Tamarind wood is one of the rare types of wood. Therefore, not many people use this tamarind wood. However, tamarind wood is also widely used by the community to make useful wood products.

Tamarind wood has a hard character, especially if the tamarind wood is cut at an age that is quite old for hundreds of years. The color of tamarind wood when it is cut and processed will have a darker color. Because of the hardness of this tamarind wood, tamarind wood is also widely used as an ingredient for making charcoal.

This tamarind wood charcoal is purposed for bbq. with export standard high quality. It’s have high calory heating, smokeless, low moisture content, sparkless.

General :

  • Made in :


  • Brand :

    Sauh Charcoal (PT.SAUH PERKASA ABADI)

  • Status :


Material contents :

  • Ash:


  • Moisture:


  • Volatil Matter:


  • Fix Carbon:


  • Calorific:

    6814 cal/g