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Rubber Wood Charcoal

Product Description :

Rubber Wood is a type of plant that initially grew a lot in the Amazon region and eventually expanded to the Asian region, especially Southeast Asia. This tree which has a height of about 15-25 meters can grow optimally at temperatures between 24-28°C, high humidity, optimal rainfall between 1500-200 mm/year.

Rubber wood is widely used as a raw material for furniture in the room, especially furniture in the kitchen room. Kitchen table tops, kitchen utensils such as knife mats, cooking utensils and dining chairs are very suitable for using rubber wood as raw materials.

Rubber wood produces charcoal with good quality and long lasting. It’s very good for bbq to produce a long-lasting fire for your cooking. Our product have best quality for you.

General :

  • Made in :


  • Brand :

    Sauh Charcoal (PT.SAUH PERKASA ABADI)

  • Status :


Material contents :

  • Ash:


  • Moisture:


  • Volatil Matter:


  • Fix Carbon:


  • Calorific:

    7767 cal/g