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Mixed Wood Charcoal

Product Description :

We also offer to you mixed wood charcoal. It’s collect from mixed of hard wood such as Halaban wood, Rubber wood, Arabica wood, and others good quality wood.  

Made from small and broken pieces of various types of wood mixed together, our Mixed Charcoal is suitable for industrial applications because it has the strong characteristics and high quality of various types of wood even though its appearance is very good.

Our Mixed Charcoal is also can be an option for BBQ that maintains high quality and good value for money.

General :

  • Made in :


  • Brand :

    Sauh Charcoal (PT.SAUH PERKASA ABADI)

  • Status :


Material contents :

  • Ash:


  • Moisture:

    3.4 – 3.9%

  • Volatil Matter:


  • Fixed Carbon:


  • Calorific:

    6922-6978 cal/g