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Halaban Wood Charcoal

Product Description :

Halaban has the Latin name Vitex pinnata is a tree from the Lamiaceae family, native to South and Southeast Asia. This tree has properties as hard wood, strong and durable. For this reason, halaban wood is used as door and window frames, house poles, sleeping pads, some furniture, and to make knife handles.

Halaban charcoal is lump hardwood charcoal and it’s come from hard wood halaban (vitex pubescens vahl). The characteristics of Halaban charcoal are advantageous such as the great use of effect, no spark is caused when burned, no pungent odor is emitted and the smoke produced when burned is few. One of the main reason to use Halaban charcoal is because the heat that is generated could last a long time.

Halaban wood charcoal is a type of hardwood charcoal that is durable and high in calories. Smokeless and odorless on food and no sparks when burned .

General :

  • Made in :


  • Brand :

    Sauh Charcoal (PT.SAUH PERKASA ABADI)

  • Status :


Material contents :

  • Ash:


  • Moisture:


  • Volatil Matter:


  • Fix Carbon:


  • Calorific:

    6922.44 cal/g